zondag 5 juli 2015

THE CLOCKWORK GAP ....AMERICA RUNNING AMOK AMONG US THE MARCHING OXI MORON'S ....OXIMORON'S THEY JUST SAY ...OXI ..... 1st Infantry Division 1st Raider/Paratrooper Brigade 13th Special Operations Command 32nd Marines Brigade 71st Airmobile Brigade 1st Army Aviation Brigade 2nd Mechanized Infantry Division 24th Armoured Brigade 33rd Mechanized Infantry Brigade 34th Mechanized Infantry Brigade 20th Armoured Division 25th Armoured Brigade ΙΙI Army Corps/NDC-GR 1st Infantry Regiment 8th Motorized Infantry Brigade 9th Infantry Brigade 10th Infantry Regiment 15th Infantry Regiment IV Army Corps 12th Mechanized Infantry Division 7th Mechanized Infantry Brigade 31st Mechanized Infantry Brigade 23rd Armoured Brigade 16th Mechanized Infantry Division 3rd Mechanized Infantry Brigade 30th Mechanized Infantry Brigade 21st Armoured Brigade 29th Mechanized Infantry Brigade 50th Mechanized Infantry Brigade ASDEN 5th Airmobile Brigade 79th National Guard Higher Command 80th National Guard Higher Command 88th Military Command 95th National Guard Higher Command 96th National Guard Higher Command 98th National Guard Higher Command ASDYS Northern Greece Supply Centre Southern Greece Supply Centre Army Academy Military Geographical Service

don't leave the greek behind carry on ....DEBT

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